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KAIOU Eco Solvent Outdoor-Drucker mit 1,8 m Druckbreite

  • KO-1802A


model KO-1802A
print head EPSON DX5*2pcs/DX7*2pcs/i3200*2pcs
Ink Type Eco solvent/Water-based / Thermal Transfer Ink
print width Maximum 1850mm
print resolution Up to 1440dpi/720dpi/540dpi
Distance accuracy The error is less than ±0.3%
medium heating system The preset temperature range of the dryer is: 25℃-50℃
interface High-speed USB interface
Power saving function automatic sleep
Power requirements AC100±10%, 6.0A, 50/60Hz/AC220-240±10%, 3.0A, 50/60Hz 6700W
size 3250mm*1100mm*800mm
weight 390KG


Eco-solvent printers are a type of digital printing technology that uses eco-solvent ink, which is a type of ink that contains less volatile organic compounds (VOCs) than traditional solvent inks. This makes them a popular choice for printing on various media, including vinyl, canvas, fabric, and more.

Eco-solvent printers are suitable for both indoor and outdoor advertising printing, as the eco-solvent ink is resistant to fading and weathering. The fine milling integrated body of the printer helps ensure that the prints come out with high precision and accuracy.

The 1.8m printing width of the eco-solvent printer allows for large format printing, which is useful for printing banners, billboards, and other large-scale graphics. Additionally, the i3200 print head is a high-quality print head that delivers excellent color reproduction and resolution.

The ability to equip the eco-solvent printer with multiple print heads is also beneficial as it allows for faster printing speeds and increased productivity. Overall, eco-solvent printers are an excellent choice for businesses that require high-quality printing for both indoor and outdoor applications.





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